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Website Maintenance Plans

Website Maintenance and Security – The Plans

Why do you need a website maintenance plan?

We’ve noticed a definite spike in attempted website attacks – especially since COVID.

It is important we make sure that your online resources are not compromised, hacked and are always fully functional.

Rest assured your site is generally secure, but out-of-date plugins and software can increase the risk of outsiders gaining access and hacking your website.

This can not only affect the performance and search-ability of your website, it can also affect your company’s reputation.

A website that has been hacked and reported (blacklisted), can have an immediate effect on emails generated from your company.
In some cases, being blacklisted will mean that spam filters will flag emails generated from your company as spam – and therefore will not reach their intended recipient.

We offer cost-effective monthly maintenance plans to make sure your website is in tip-top condition. Our maintenance plans are part of our Managed Service offering. 

Our Managed Services Agreements (MSA’s) are tailored to suit your requirement and budget. MSA’s allow us to schedule and perform regular maintenance on your behalf. We take over the management of your website, we ensure that your website is operating at peak performance. 

Managed Services completed on your website can include the following services:

  • Perform WordPress, plug-in and theme updates to ensure your websites software is current and up-to-date.
  • Review all software used in the creation of your website to ensure that they are still fully supported and if not, make suggestions for replacement.
  • Review your anti-viral software to ensure that it is fully operational, current and scheduled scans are fully operational.
  • Review the results of anti-viral scans to ensure any items flagged as suspicious are dealt with promptly. 
  • Review the registered users listed on your website to ensure that no hackers have administration access to your website. 
  • Check any contact forms on the website to ensure that emails generated from the website are being received by the intended recipient and action any issues identified.
  • A full inspection of your website to ensure that any layout issues are identified and fixed. 
  • Provide a monthly maintenance report of all procedures undertaken as part of the plan. Reports can also include website statistics that clearly show visitor numbers and locations and referrers.
  • Advanced reporting can show detailed metrics on visitor behaviour, keywords used to locate your website and search engine rankings and suggested improvements.
  • Scheduled meetings to discuss the future of your website including improvements, marketing initiatives and opportunities identified.

The advantages are:

  • Your website is being professionally managed and serviced.
  • Your website will be secure from outside threats.
  • Your website will be actively monitored and operating at peak performance.
  • Issues will be addressed before it affects your businesses reputation.
  • Key information will be provided to you on the how your website is operating and being utilised. 
  • You’ll be partnering with professional web development company that takes an active role in your websites management and your business.

Simply keep your site up-to-date by contacting us today at [email protected]

We have got you covered.

Sample Reports

Website maintenance report booklet

Below is part of a report directly from our website showing vulnerability attempts.

Wordpress security report

Additional Information

Have you ever been interested in learning about just what happens if you get hacked?

We’ve created a very true to life article that showcases the journey of being hacked or blacklisted.
Well worth a read.

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