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Keep your clients informed, grow your brand and your audience. Packages such as The Newsletter Plugin or MailChimp are cost effective and simple way to achieve good communication. The added benefit is that you can automate your marketing, receive reports on emails opened, and target your audience. This package is designed to brand your emails as a platform for your customer engagement.

  • Setup a The Newsletter Plugin or MailChimp account
  • Design the look / layout as a template for your email marketing campaign
  • Up-load your database
  • Create a sign-up form for your website and/or Facebook page
  • Instructions on how to simply manage your own audience and send email campaigns – you are in full control yourself!
Can you afford not to be in easy contact with your clients and customers?

How can email Marketing work for you?

Create an announcement email
People today are very fond of teasers and trailers – it implies that something important is going to happen. You can create an announcement email that you will then simply “send to entire list” as the option allows and voila! Your big announcement will reach all the people on your mailing list.

Send emails to targeted audiences
With different types of leads, there are also different types of target audiences you have to consider. So, a time will come when you might wish to send a certain email to a specific group while excluding another.

Using The Newsletter Plugin or MailChimp offers you that possibility. In fact, you can easily segment your mailing lists with the “send to a segment” option. So, if you were looking to offer a promotional coupon to a certain group of customers, you would be able to do so.

By using an email marketing platform, you can re-engage subscribers
Re-engaging subscribers through an email campaign can play a key role communication. These systems offers you the option to identify inactive subscribers and engage them again. You could offer them an incentive in the form of a coupon to motivate them to explore your services further.

You have the option to create an information email series
When you are looking to promote a certain part of your business, you could do so through an informative (three part or other) campaign. Schedule specific campaigns and set emails to be sent several days apart from one another.

Follow-up when people who open the emails you send them
If you forget to provide a clear Call to Action with a link to your web site or “more information platform”, you can correct the matter with a follow-up email. Email marketing gives you the option to send a follow-up email with more info when an email is opened or a specific link clicked on.

Some points to consider:

  • Keep your message brief and link it to “more information”
  • Put a time limit on the offer if it is relevant.
  • Make the email interesting, not just a sales pitch, give them some industry tips.
  • Include a call to action.
  • If relevant include a sales code/keyword to gauge the success of the campaign.

See more information on our Marketing Mind Dump page.

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