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Start-up Business

So, you’re preparing to launch a business?

That’s awesome. There’s a lot to learn, but there’s plenty of information around to help. This guide is a great place to start.

We’ve done some research and have over 20 years’ experience to help start you on your journey, but go out and speak to people.

The insights of other business owners and accountants or bookkeepers can really make a difference.

This guide is intended as general information only. Always check with a professional for advice.

Contact us or visit our Price List for individual item pricing.

Start-Up business packages

Marketing, branding and promotion

Come and see us to discuss what you need to kick-off your new venture.

To help you out, contact us about a payment plan. Below are some packages we have put together that combines design, web and print to give you an indication to help launch your business.

Also, head over to our marketing mind dump page for loads of business goodies.

Business launch startup rocket design