The Plan

We have noticed a definite spike in attempted website attacks over the last 3 weeks. It’s unsure if this is due to the lockdowns and people have nothing better to do, however it is important we make sure your online sources are not compromised.

We have included a report from our website for the month of March.

Rest assured your site is generally secure, but out-of-date plugins and updates can increase the risk of outsiders gaining access and hacking your site.

This can also effect the performance and searchability of your site.

We are offering a cost effective monthly maintenance plan to make sure your website is in tip-top condition.

Let us schedule and perform regular maintenance for you.

Periodic maintenance made monthly to your site will include:

  • Perform plug-in and WordPress updates to make sure your site is all up-to-date and not vulnerable
  • A general check over your site for any layout issues
  • Provide a maintenance report of all procedures undertaken as part of the plan

The advantages are:

  • Your site will be running at peak performance
  • Pre-empt any functionality problems
  • Provide information on site traffic
  • Keep your site secure from outside threats

Simply keep your site up-to-date by contacting us today at [email protected]

We have got you covered


Below is part of a report directly from our website showing vulnerability attempts for the month of March 2020

Top 5 countries blocked

CountryBlock Count
United States23

Top 5 failed logins

CountryBlock Count

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