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Velvet Scarletta

About Velvet: With a foundation in customer service, I’ve honed strong communication skills, further refined through yoga teacher trainings, somatic dance facilitator trainings, private coaching, landmark communication courses, and diverse experiences with guiding yoga and somatic dance sessions.

My personal journey, marked by overcoming challenges, has equipped me with holistic knowledge I’m passionate about sharing. Yoga, a significant part of my life for over a decade, lead me to transformational teacher trainings with acclaimed teachers and this gave me the courage to teach.

Somatic Dance, discovered in 2018, became a platform for personal growth and facilitation. Committed to Sakura Kan Japanese Jiu-Jitsu since 2017, I earned a brown belt in 2022.

Additionally, I share my musical talents globally, connecting communities and fostering positive change. Born in the UK, Aotearoa has become my soul’s home after exploring various places worldwide.

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