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Ekdahl Property Management

Ekdahl Property Management offers commercial spaces in well managed commercial buildings in New Plymouth working with our tenants to create vibrant and functional business premises.

We are very responsive to tenant needs and our hands-on support includes project management, fit out and facilities management, interior design and ongoing maintenance support.

We specialise in working closely with tenants to design, build and maintain cost-effective commercial space which is completely compliant with all property codes.

Website Features

Website design & development | Self-editable CMS | Copywriting / web writing services | SEO services | Google Analytics integration | Domain management | Web hosting | Professional photography services | Photogallery | Project modual

Jade thank you so much for improving our website, it looks so much better and enables users’ easier access to the information that’s important to them. Also appreciate you doing it so quickly and being open to all the little changes we made as it was developed, Thanks again for the EPM team.