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Colonial Ammunition Company

CAC (NZ) Ltd: A Historical Haven for Collectable and Unique Firearms

Founded in 1886, CAC (NZ) Ltd proudly stands as the oldest registered company still in operation within New Zealand.  While no longer involved in the manufacturing or retailing of ammunition, our extensive 40-year expertise lies in the retailing of firearms.

Our inventory boasts a distinctive array of classic and historical sporting firearms, including a selection of scarce and collectable handguns. The majority of these firearms have been meticulously chosen and directly imported from Europe, encompassing some exceptionally unique and rare pieces. The sporting firearms we offer are primarily selected based on their condition, catering to those with an appreciation for fine classic guns.

Whether you’re a beginner collector or a seasoned enthusiast, our collection holds something of appeal. Rest assured, we possess the necessary licenses to handle a wide range of firearm types, ensuring a comprehensive and secure service.

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