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KDG Chartered Accountants

Kyle has been in the accounting game since returning from his “OE” in 2000.  The business took off when he decided that dress pants and shirts were too painful to iron each day so when his first child, was born in 2011 he took the opportunity to go out on his own, and now wears shorts and Arsenal football tops as his work attire.

Since then, the business has grown while still allowing Kyle to spend plenty of time with son Cory and daughter Demi.  As there are no restrictions on when work can be done during the day, achieving the perfect work/life balance has meant the best of both worlds allowing numerous hours helping at schools and coaching the kid’s sports teams.

So, if you get an email at 10pm it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s working late, more likely he’s just starting for the day.

The business has no staff, so you are only dealing directly with the one person rather than someone unfamiliar with you and your business.  The lack of staff is no hindrance due to the good relationships and networks that Kyle has.

KDG has a range of connections that can be called upon when something more difficult comes up or when a client is needing legal advice, reviewing insurance, applying for loans, or even just wanting to know good trades when you need something done at home or work, etc.

KDG has access to a specialist tax expert in Wellington and it’s also helpful when his wife is a far more knowledgeable accountant than him.

If you are looking for an accountant that doesn’t look nor act (boring) like the traditional accountant, then look no further.

KDG has fantastic clients so new clients are by referral only from existing clients or one of the many business connections he has available.

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