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Americarna: Driven by Passion and Teamwork

Under the dedicated leadership of JR, Americarna stands as a shining example of hard work, diligence, and a strong focus on the future.

This iconic event celebrates American car culture and is a testament to his commitment to sharing this passion with others. Americarna is undeniably one of Taranaki’s most iconic events, and it’s been our privilege to collaborate with JR, Caitlin, and the entire team. They exemplify the values of teamwork and customer focus, ensuring that every participant and attendee has a fantastic experience.

Our involvement with Americarna spans various facets, all aimed at supporting the event’s success. We’ve worked on the design, ensuring that the visual elements capture the spirit of American car culture and the fun that comes with it. Additionally, our print materials have helped promote the event and keep the excitement alive.

The heart of Americarna also beats on its website, and our web design and development team has played a crucial role in creating an online platform that reflects the event’s vibrancy and excitement. We’re proud to have contributed to the brand management and marketing assistance that has helped make Americarna a household name.

It’s often said that working with good people is a pleasure, and working with good people on great events is even better. To JR, Caitlin, and the entire crew, we look forward to continuing our collaboration to ensure that Americarna keeps driving forward. The Naki is undoubtedly proud of this fantastic event, and so are we. 😉

Empowering Americarna with a Digital Presence

At About Image, we take pride in the successful creation and launch of the official Americarna event website. Our mission was to provide a digital platform that perfectly encapsulated the spirit and essence of this iconic celebration of American Car Culture.

Key Features:

Event Integration:
Our web development included features to provide real-time updates and information about the event locations and schedules.

Visual Excellence:
High-quality images and multimedia integration allow users to get a taste of the excitement and the mesmerizing display of American cars.

User-Friendly Design:
Our website design ensures that visitors can effortlessly navigate through the Americarna event details, from schedules to participating locations, making it easy for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Responsive Development:
The Americarna website is optimized for all devices, ensuring a seamless experience whether you’re browsing from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Engaging Content:
We worked closely with the Americarna team to create captivating content that captures the event’s history, highlights, and its significance to the Taranaki community.

Americarna is more than just a car event; it’s a celebration of American cars, fun, and community.
Working with the Americarna team is a testament to what can be achieved when you’re driven by passion and focused on the future.
We’re thrilled to be part of this journey.

Website Features

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