Top 10 Logo Design Trends 2020

First impressions are important. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with the latest logo trends to ensure your personal or business branding always looks fresh.

1. Flat Design Logos
2. Animated Logos
3. Hand-Drawn Logos
4. Minimal Logos
5. Multi-Layered Logos
6. Stacked Text Logos
7. Monogram Logos
8. Symbol Logos
9. Gradient Logos
10. Vintage Logos

Logo Trends 2020

Email Marketing

Keep your clients informed, grow your brand and your audience. Mailchimp is a cost-effective and simple way to achieve good communication. The added benefit is that you can automate your marketing, receive reports on emails opened, and target your audience. This package is designed to brand your emails as a platform for your customer engagement.

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It’s time to work on your business.

We know a lot of you don’t have time to spend on your business, but it is important to always be thinking about it. We have thrown a whole lot of thoughts out of our heads to have a look over and see if anything ‘sparks’ anything for you.

Complete marketing design plan Marketing Mind Dump
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